Advanced Guitar Lessons

After many years of guitar lessons, you have finally passed your grade 8 guitar exam! If you plan to become a guitarist or guitar teacher, it is necessary to achieve a diploma in guitar. However, you might be looking at extra advanced guitar lessons to help you in improving.

At LM Guitar, we offer advanced guitar lessons for those preparing for their grade 8 exams or diploma. During our advanced guitar lessons, our guitar teachers will point out your mistakes and help you to further improve in playing the guitar.


ABRSM Guitar Exam

You have spent months of taking advanced guitar lessons to prepare for your guitar exams. After all your hard work and time preparing and learning the guitar exam pieces, it is time for you to give your best during your guitar exams.

For the ABRSM guitar exams, you have to attain a minimum score of 100 out of 150 points. To score a merit or distinction, you will have to achieve 120 and 130 points respectively. To achieve a merit or distinction, you would have to practice a lot and put in a lot of effort in learning the guitar.

To get an idea of the ABRSM guitar exam, watch the video below created by ABRSM.

ABRSM Guitar Exam Syllabus

In order to attain a good score in your guitar exam, you would need to understand the exam syllabus and what the examiner would like to hear and see.

  • Playing the guitar exam pieces. You are required to play 3 different guitar exam pieces and each songs is graded out of 30 points.
  • Playing a few scales and arpeggios randomly selected by the examiner. Unlike the guitar exam pieces, you are not allowed to have your scales and arpeggios book with you.
  • The examiner will play a few notes on the guitar. Turned around from the examiner, you will be asked a few questions regarding the song played and to clap the beat of the song.
  • You will be given a short guitar song to sight read, picked randomly by the examiner. You will be given a minute to read the notes and prepare to play the song. Many fail in this component of the exam as they have only been taught by their guitar teacher to memorise the scales and guitar exam syllabus.


Tips to Preparing For Your Guitar Exam or Diploma

For some, they need extra practice and guitar lessons. If you feel that you need help from a private guitar teacher to help point out your mistakes, we advice you to take advanced private guitar lessons. By doing so, you will receive all the attention from the guitar teacher and improve quickly.

There a many online music tools. Several tools such as melody writer are able to help you to make music without a guitar. By practising outside, you will be able to improve your sight reading and song composing skills. This will help you in both your music theory and pratical guitar exams.

Last but not least, is important for one to sleep early the night before. Many a time, students like to stay up late to do last-minute revision and practise for their guitar exam. This causes them to be sleepy and unable to concerntrate well the next day. In addition, we advise students to prepare their guitar and exam books needed. This would help to save time when leaving your home.


Wish to Join Our Advanced Guitar Lessons?

If you are taking your guitar exams or diploma soon, and wish to join our advanced guitar lessons, call  us now. Please let us know which grade you are in and when you would like to start taking guitar lessons.