Basic Guitar Lessons

It is good to master your basics and build a strong foundation before moving on. Many start preparing for their guitar exams immediately without realising the importance of understanding the basics of guitar. Hence it is important to master the basics of the guitar as it will help you to play more difficult guitar songs.

Importance of Understanding and Mastering the Basics

Many do not understand the importance of building a strong foundation and start preparing and taking guitar exams immediately. By mastering the basics, you will be able to learn difficult guitar songs easily in the future. This is because you will need the knowledge of guitar basics and able to sight read guitar songs. In addition, having some knowledge on the history of the guitar and guitarists will help you to develop an interest in the guitar.

By being able to tune and restring your guitar, you will be able to repair your guitar without a guitar tuner. This is a useful skill, especially if your guitar needs tuning before your guitar exam or performance. Besides tuning your guitar, learning to prevent any finger injuries is important.

Students often complain about the pain of their fingers after playing the guitar for a long time. We will teach you how to make it so that this pain will not affect your performance during exams.

Basics you will Learn in Our Guitar Lessons

  • ┬áThe proper way to hold and play the guitar.
  • How to prevent any finger injuries.
  • How to look after and prevent any damage to your guitar.
  • An introductory and the history to playing the guitar.
  • How to sight read the music notes within a short period of time without any practice.

Make Learning the Basics of Guitar Easy

Although it will take a longer time to master the basics of the guitar, it can be done faster and easier. We have listed down a few tips that will help make building a good foundation easier.

  • Find a good guitar teacher. Finding a guitar teacher familiar with teaching the guitar will help you to gain the correct knowledge.
  • Spend time to practice and revise your lesson notes frequently. This will help you to memorise what you have learnt and prepare for your next guitar lesson.
  • Own a good guitar and the proper guitar equipment. This will make playing and learning the guitar easier for you.
  • Take private guitar lessons if necessary. Finding a private guitar teacher will help you to improve faster by clarifying questions you do not understand.

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