Electric guitar lessons

Are you interested to join a band or perform gigs to earn some extra cash?

Taking electric guitar lessons and learning to play the electric guitar takes time and effort. However, the results will be fruitful when you can start playing songs you like and team up with others to create music as well. In addition, electric guitars need to be amplified into an amplifier to create sound which is perfect for those whom love Rock n Roll.

Difference Between Acoustic and Electric Guitars

  1. Work within the perimeter of your budget. Acoustic guitars are relatively cheaper that electric guitars.
  2. Electric guitars are somewhat easier to play that acoustic guitars as they are versatile, have a smaller back, body and thinner neck. Also, the sound of the electric guitar will already be amplified and projected by amplifiers.
  3. Electric guitars do not have such heavy gauge strings whereas acoustic guitars heavier gauge strings would need firmer picking and fingering by guitarist.

Which Should I Buy and Learn? Acoustic or Electric Guitar?

If you are at a loss of which guitar to learn, our advice to you is to follow your interest. You do not have to worry much about deciding between the 2 as most guitarists eventually learn both. They are relatively similar in ways except for the more obvious ones as shown above.

However, if you have just started and would like to play something softer and simpler, we recommend you to take acoustic guitar lessons. This would allow you to practice anytime, anywhere, without having to worry that you are missing an amplifier or disturbing your neighbours.

On the other hand, taking electric guitar lessons will help you to feel excited about learning the electric guitar, especially since there will be a lot of sound and energy while playing the electric guitar. In addition, electric guitars are ‘cooler’ and more Rock n Roll. Also, electric guitars are commonly played in gigs and shows to earn some pocket money.

If you are still contemplating regarding the type of guitar you should start with, watch the video below to help you with your decision.

Why Choose Our Electric Guitar Teachers?

  • Our electric guitar teachers have many testimonials from students. As a guitar school in Singapore, we aim to provide good guitar lessons for our students. In order to make sure that our electric guitar teachers are capable to teach students patiently and properly, we require our guitar teachers to provide us with positive testimonials from their students.
  • Our electric guitar teachers will teach you how to use the equipment. When handling with the electric guitar equipment, many might not know how to use them. Our electric guitar teachers will go through the steps of using them patiently with students.
  • During our electric guitar lessons, our guitar teachers will help you to learn the basics and differences about the electric guitar. During the electric guitar lessons, you may have many questions about the history of the electric guitar, what differences they have compared to acoustic guitars etc. Our guitar teachers will explain and teach you all you need to know about the electric guitar.
  • Our guitar teachers are experienced in teaching electric guitar lessons. We require our electric guitar teachers to have at least a few years of experience, as well as being certified and passed electric guitar exams themselves.

Choosing a good electric guitar

Choosing and investing in a good electric guitar is important. Not only is a good guitar long-lasting, but will help to project the sounds off strings clearly as well. For tips on choosing a good electric guitar, click on the link.

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