Guitar teacher in Singapore

Today, there are many guitar teachers in Singapore. Anyone can claim to be a professional guitar teacher and start holding private guitar lessons. How can you differentiate a good private guitar teacher from the rest?

It is important to find and learn from a good guitar teacher. Should you learn the wrong thing, you would pick up bad habits and make mistakes you are unaware of during your guitar exams and performances.


ABRSM Diploma Certified Guitar Teacher

Is the guitar teacher ABRSM diploma certified? Attaining your diploma is very important for a guitar teacher. In order to start guiding and helping a student in his musical journey, a good guitar teacher would need to be familiar with taking guitar exams and their syllabus.

In addition, they would need to be familiar with the latests guitar exam rules and syllabus. The exam rules may have changed over the years and it will affect the student if the guitar teacher is unaware of this.

Although many claim to be a professional guitar teacher, some are actually still students or have not finished their grade 8. This is alright for those teaching beginners. However, how can one teach someone better than himself? Thus it is important to find an ABRSM certified private guitar teacher.


Guitar Teacher’s Reputation and Happy Testimonials

Unless he have just started teaching, every good guitar teacher must have had testimonials from existing students. Before hiring a private guitar teacher, it is important to know the opinion of other students whom learn from him. Knowing the guitar teacher teaches and how capable he is can only be heard from his students.

Many private guitar teachers love to boast about how good they are. However, when asked about testimonials, they are reluctant to show. No matter how good a guitar teacher is at playing the guitar, it does not matter if he is a bad teacher.


Character of Guitar Teacher

No matter how good the private guitar teacher is at playing the guitar, the student will not be able to learn well if he is too fierce. If the guitar teacher is too strict and intimidating, children may be afraid of him and dislike taking children guitar lessons.

A student whom dislikes the guitar teacher will find it hard to communicate and get along with the guitar teacher. This would cause a bad relationship between student and teacher, thus resulting to an ineffective guitar lesson.


Taking Trial Lessons or Watching the Lesson

Before starting to take guitar lessons, ask to sit in for a few guitar lessons or take a trial lesson. Observing the guitar lesson is important as it shows how the private guitar teacher teaches and his character and attitude.

These are several tips you should look out for:

  1. The relationship between the guitar teacher and students
  2. The guitar teacher’s teaching style. Does he simply tell you to memorise the song or does he go through and help you?
  3. Is the guitar teacher on time for the lesson?
  4. Does the guitar teacher teaches students to hold the guitar properly?

Listed above are just a few tips. The list goes on but these are the key points to note.

You would like to find a private guitar teacher whom cares for the student. To make learning effective, it is good for the teacher to have a good relationship with the student. A fierce guitar teacher would cause children to be afraid of him and scared to make mistakes and ask questions. This will cause the student’s learning to be affected and the student to dislike learning the guitar, especially if he has just started and is taking beginner guitar lessons.

A good guitar teacher whom is always punctual is important as well. A responsible guitar teacher will do his best to help the student. The teacher might even stay back after the lesson to help the student. Thus having a responsible guitar teacher is important as he will help the student to do his best.


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