Guitar Lessons for Beginners

There has to be a starting point for every guitarist. For a student to improve playing the guitar, he has to start by learning from a good guitar teacher and building a strong foundation.

There is no hurry for one to start learning exam pieces and taking exams. It is alright for one to start slow, but master the music notes and rules. Many famous guitarists actually start off slow but improve and play the guitar well after lots of practice.

Benefits of Building a Strong Foundation

Many are unable to see the importance of staring slow and building a strong foundation. However, those whom do feel that learning the basics right helped them as they learnt more challenging guitar pieces.

  •  Able to learn new things easily.
  • Learn how to restring and tune your guitar yourself.
  • Learn the correct guitar holding position.
  • Able to sight read guitar songs and play short guitar pieces well without much practice.
  • Learn to prevent from attaining any finger injuries.
  • Understand the history and invention of the guitar.


Boy Learning To Play The Guitar

What is sight reading?

Sight reading is a syllabus tested in ABRSM guitar exam syllabus. The examiner will select a random guitar piece for the student to play. The students has one minute to read the notes and play for the examiner. This is often the ‘killer’ in guitar exams as students are only taught to memorise guitar exam pieces after lots of practice.

Why Join Our Beginner Guitar Lessons?     

There are many guitar schools in Singapore. However, why choose to start your musical journey with LM Guitar? Being new to playing the guitar, it is important to learn from a good guitar teacher. Otherwise, you might pick up bad habits which will affect your guitar playing.

All our private guitar teachers are ABRSM diploma certified, and have attained at least a grade 8 in guitar. Futhermore, we require our guitar teachers to have testimonials from happy students and a few years of experience. We believe that satisfaction from our students are important as they can only learn better when enjoying learning and playing the guitar. For those whom travel frequently, our guitar teachers have very flexible timing schedules and can be arranged among yourselves.

Besides our good guitar teachers, our guitar lesson fees are affordable. This is to allow students whom love music to be able to learn the guitar without any financial issues.

To sign up for our beginner guitar lessons, call +65 96149019 or visit our contact page to fill up our contact form.