Private Guitar Lessons

For some, transportation is a big problem. If you live far away from our school, it is going to be inconvenient for you to take guitar lessons. Thus we provide private guitar lessons.

Our guitar teachers will brave through any weather and travel all the way to your home to teach you’re the guitar. This will allow you to learn the guitar in the comfort of your own home without distractions from other students. 

Benefits of Taking Private 1 to 1 Guitar Lessons

By taking private guitar lessons, you will be able to have flexible timing guitar lessons. When learning together as a group, there will be a fixed timing that cannot be changed. However, learning individually will allow you and the guitar teacher to arrange your own flexible timing schedule.

In a class, there is chatter among students. Especially for young kids taking children guitar lessons, this could distract you from learning and absorbing during the guitar lesson. However, when taking individual 1 to 1 guitar lessons, there will be no distractions around you. Hence you will be able to learn and absorb effectively from the private guitar teacher.

By learning in the comfort of your own home, you will be able to learn and absorb a lot. In a new and unfamiliar environment, you might feel uncomfortable and hence unable to make the most of of the lesson. Thus taking guitar lessons at home will help you to learn and make the best out of the lesson.

For some, transportation is a huge issue. Without a car or an MRT station new your home, travelling to our school may be a problem. This may even cause you to be late for the lesson and you will have trouble bringing your guitar along with you. Hence taking private guitar lessons would be ideal as the teacher would travel to your home instead, leaving you with more time to prepare for the lesson.


Selecting a Good Private Guitar Teacher

There are a huge number of private guitar teachers in Singapore. However, few are good in teaching and helping students to learn the guitar properly. Being in the music industry for a few years, we know how to find and select good guitar teachers. Our selection criteria is:


  1. The guitar teacher has to have good testimonials from happy existing students.
  2. He has to have flexible timing schedule.
  3. The private guitar teacher has to be ABRSM diploma certified.
  4. He must be familiar with the latest ABRSM guitar exam syllabus.


I Wish To Take Guitar Lessons at The Teachers’ House Instead

If your home is small or unsuitable as a learning environment, you could alternatively take guitar lessons at the guitar teacher’s home instead. We could find a guitar teacher whom lives near your home. To set up such an arrangement, please let us know when contacting us.


I Want To Learn the Guitar With My Friends and Family

Learning with your friends and family is good. It is great to learn together and share opinions and help one another. To learn together as a group, let us know when contacting us.


Wish to Sign Up for our Private Guitar Lessons?

To register for our private guitar lessons, fill up the contact form on our contact page.