Why Learn the Guitar

Guitar, a celestial instrument, is popular all over the world. People are picking up this instrument with ease. Did you know the most popular guitar are 6 and 12 strings,there are also a lesser-know guitar that are 7 and 8 strings, the 7 string guitar is know as the gypsy.

Below are several reasons of why you should learn guitar:

  • Playing the guitar helps you to destress. When you have stress doing your work, take a break and practice your guitar. Sure you can just watch youtube but the most common problem is that people forget about the time and things that they pick up from watching videos online. On the other hand, really practicing the guitar from a guitar teacher makes it easier for one to implement what he or she has learn as well as really get into the habit of holding the guitar, plucking the strings etc.
  • Turn your guitar-playing passion into a career! Enjoy playing the guitar? Did you know that through playing the guitar, one could use his or her skill and become a guitar teacher? For most, all it requires is a grade 5 exam certification, a positive attitude and a great smile and you could start teaching the guitar! However, it is important to not just teach the guitar for the sake of earning money but because you truly love and enjoy playing and sharing more about the guitar with others.
  • Let your emotions out while playing the guitar. For those whom are at a more ‘advanced level’, they could even make their own guitar pieces! This can be taught by our private guitar teachers in advanced guitar lessons. Jimi Hendrix composed the song “Little Wings” in just 145 seconds…. amazing. On the other hand, if you are just starting out but love to play out your emotions on the guitar, you could find many songs on Youtube and strum them on your guitar!
  • Gain a sense of accomplishment through learning and playing the guitar. The guitar could have some of the simplest chords to learn, it also features extremely complex arrangements. Thus when you have finally finish a song you have been working on for months, you will feel that you achieved something that made you step into your future. Through hard work, having the right teacher and right guidance as well as determination, anything is possible- even learning a completely new guitar song in just a few weeks!
  • Learn important life values such as discipline and determination. It takes time to learn an instrument. No one can pick up a new skill overnight. You need to practice for a few weeks or even months before gaining the confidence to have said ” I have learnt this song”. For those taking guitar exams, it would take at least a few weeks of rushing and hours of practising before he or she could even pass. Thus through such hard work, one would naturally pick up such important values which would really make an impact on ones life as he would ring forward these traits in his everyday activities.
  • Learn a skill that would last a lifetime. If one would learn a guitar, he or she would remember it for life. Learning the guitar is not something that you can easily forget. It is almost as if the experience of learning, feel of the guitar strings under your fingers is etched into you and you will have the ability to play any guitar you pick up. Even if you may play badly, but you still remember the utmost basics and foundation to read a piece of sheet music and play the guitar! Hence playing the guitar is a lifelong worthy investment and is worth every cent and second of your time.

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